Industry Standards 

The cement industry has tough operating conditions due to, extreme loads, continuous operation, high temperatures and cement dust. Therefore choosing the right lubricant for your facilities is important for improving the wear on your machinery.

Rotary kilns, mills, roller presses and crushers have bearings and gears that are subject to wear. Tooth flanks wear down quickly due to the abrasiveness of cement dust entering the open gear drives.  Using the correct lubricant will extend the life of these machines, reducing down time, reducing the high cost of maintenance, extending the life of your equipment and improving your overall operational efficiency.

The right lubricant extends the service life of lubricated components and increases the availability of your machines. High performance and sustainability are not mutually exclusive. We have developed a lubricant especially for gear rim/pinion drives on rotary kilns that is based on renewable raw materials - this product offers both excellent performance and biodegradability. Lower lubricant and energy consumption also have a positive effect on your operating costs. In the building materials sector as in similar markets, every optimization will impact your margin.