C a p e   P e t r o l e u m

Cape Petroleum has been the premier lubricant distributor for the Western Cape for over 15 years. We supply general industries but our expertise is focused on specialist industries and we cater for their specific lubricant requirements.


Cape Petroleum holds a B-BBEE level two certificate.

What we do

We examine our customers operations and look at how their current lubricant offering is utilized and where certain specialty lubricants can be employed to improve their operational output.

Our aim

'To improve our customer’s operational efficiency, increasing their output and improving their bottom line.'

Why specialty lubricants?

Each specialized industry has a different variety of environmental and operational factors that significantly affect the operation. If these factors aren’t accounted for in operational maintenance they will eventually have a detrimental effect on the operations output. Synthetic lubricants are now tailored specifically for these varying factors and will extend the time between servicing, as well as the life of your parts, this has a significant impact on your bottom line.

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